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The COVID-19 pandemic is slowing global agricultural trade while also driving interest rates down. In these uncertain times, navigating the challenges that have a lasting impact on your operation can be difficult. While much of the world is slowing down and responding to COVID-19 (coronavirus), farmers and ranchers continue to work, ensuring our nation’s food security. The rate of COVID-19 cases continues to increase globally; so does fear and confusion by the overwhelming amount of information presented by the media. The uncertainty which surrounds this pandemic has left many producers in the agriculture industry wondering what direct effects will this have on a national and global level—and on their operations. And in what ways can U.S. farmers and ranchers prepare for the ripple effects it will create in the world economy. As unresolved variables grow, the biggest impact we are beginning to see is on global trade. The circumstances around COVID-19 are disrupting economies across th…

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